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Worldwide, pedestrian-vehicle collisions cause many fatalities and injuries in a year. Pedestrians are the most susceptible road users. As pedestrians and motor vehicles collide, severe injuries and even deaths have been reported among pedestrians. It is essential to know what steps could be taken after a similar situation. At times it is important to knock on the legal doors. The lawyers at Ladah Law Firm may help you investigate your case while ensuring you get your deserved compensation. 

What are the common causes of pedestrian accidents?

The most common cause of pedestrian accidents nowadays is the use of mobile phones all the time. Either of the parties could be distracted enough by their mobile phone that the negligence results in an accident. Other causes may include:

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  • Bad weather conditions
  • Wrongly use of lanes
  • Failure to yield
  • Right-turn accidents
  • Driving under drug/alcohol influence

What steps could be taken?

The steps you can take now are crucial in the long run, and it decides how fast your recovery will be, both health-wise and financially. If you can, take these steps immediately after your accident to ensure your safety and recover from any damage due to the driver’s negligence.

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  • Move to a safer place: Although, after an accident, the chances of taking quick actions are limited. Yet, if you are a little stable, move to a safer place than the traffic so that you refrain from further injuries. You can also take the help of a passerby in doing so.
  • Take immediate medical care: Once you are in a safe place, the next step is to call 911. They will send medical help to you as soon as possible. Even the injuries you get do not require medical care; you should stay there until the police and medical team arrive. The medical team should assess you, and the police will make a report. Make sure to take a copy for yourself.
  • Exchange information: The driver will try to leave, try to make him stay until the police arrive. Meanwhile, exchange necessary information with him. If he refuses to stay, take pictures of him and his vehicle details for the police. Drivers who hit someone and then drive away before the police arrive are guilty of hit-and-run driving.
  • Collect evidence: Try to collect as much evidence as possible, like photos of the driver, his car, license plate, and the surroundings. If there is a witness who saw the accident scene, try to make them stay and give their statement. If the driver doesn’t cooperate, this evidence will help your case.

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