What Is MOFA Number?

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Are you curious to know what is MOFA number? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about MOFA number in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is MOFA number?

“MOFA number” refers to a term that is commonly associated with attestation or authentication processes for documents, particularly in the context of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). MOFA stands for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the MOFA number is a unique identification number assigned to documents that have been authenticated or attested by the Ministry.

What Is MOFA Number?

  • Attestation Process: In the UAE, individuals often need to have various personal and professional documents attested or authenticated by the appropriate authorities. These documents may include educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, employment letters, and more.
  • MOFA Attestation: Once these documents are attested by relevant authorities, such as educational boards, notary publics, or embassies, they are then submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE for further verification and authentication.
  • Issuance of MOFA Number: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assigns a unique identification number, known as the MOFA number, to each attested document. This number serves as a reference for the authentication process carried out by the Ministry.
  • Verification and Legalization: The MOFA number acts as proof that the document has been officially authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This verification is essential for legal purposes, including employment, residency applications, legal proceedings, or any other official transactions within the country.
  • Online Verification: Individuals or authorities requiring verification of the authenticity of a document can often verify its validity online using the MOFA number through the Ministry’s official website or designated portals.

Significance And Importance

The MOFA number plays a crucial role in ensuring the validity and authenticity of documents submitted for official purposes within the UAE. It acts as a reference point for verifying that the document has undergone the necessary attestation and authentication procedures.


The MOFA number is an essential element in the authentication and attestation process of documents in the UAE. It provides individuals and organizations with a means to verify the legitimacy of documents that have undergone the required legal and governmental authentication procedures, ensuring compliance with the country’s regulations and legal requirements. As a unique identifier linked to authenticated documents, the MOFA number serves as a key reference point in various official transactions and legal proceedings within the UAE.


How Do I Verify My MOFA Number?

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and click the ‘Visa Application’ tab. Step 2: Enter your passport and application number in the form. Step 3: Complete the Captcha verification procedure and click ‘Search’.

How Much Is The MOFA Fee For Saudi Arabia?

The cost of a single and multiple entry for a MOFA Saudi family visit visa is fixed at SR 200. This applies to all applicants, including the ones from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

How Do I Check The Status Of My MOFA Visa?

MOFA visa stamping status

go to https://visa.MOFA.gov.sa/ select “Visa application” under “Inquiry type” provide your application number and passport number. enter the Captcha code correctly.

How Can I Check My Saudi Visa By E Number?


  • Login to (Absher) Portal.
  • Select (Residents) from the main menu.
  • Select Visa services from the List of e-services.
  • Enter the required information, including residence permit number, employer ID number, visual code, visa number and passport number.
  • The system displays visa information.

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