What Is Machine Hour Rate?

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What Is Machine Hour Rate

Are you curious to know what is machine hour rate? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about machine hour rate in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is machine hour rate?

In the world of manufacturing, efficient cost management is essential for a company’s success and competitiveness. Machine Hour Rate (MHR) is a crucial metric used in cost analysis to determine the operating cost of machinery and equipment. This rate helps manufacturers make informed decisions about pricing, production planning, and resource allocation. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of Machine Hour Rate, its calculation, and its significance in manufacturing processes.

What Is Machine Hour Rate?

Machine Hour Rate is a method used to calculate the cost incurred per hour of operating a particular machine or piece of equipment. It is a vital tool for manufacturers to ascertain the costs associated with the use of machinery and allocate these costs to different products or production processes accurately.

Components Of Machine Hour Rate

To calculate the Machine Hour Rate, several cost components need to be considered:

  1. Fixed Costs: These are the expenses that remain constant regardless of the machine’s usage, such as depreciation, insurance, annual maintenance contracts, and property taxes.
  2. Variable Costs: Variable costs are directly proportional to the machine’s usage, including electricity, fuel, lubricants, and other consumables.
  3. Repair and Maintenance Costs: This includes expenses for regular maintenance, repairs, and any unforeseen breakdowns.

Calculating Machine Hour Rate

To calculate the Machine Hour Rate, the following formula is used:

Machine Hour Rate (MHR) = (Total Fixed Costs + Total Variable Costs) / Total Number of Machine Hours

Significance Of Machine Hour Rate

  1. Accurate Cost Estimation: Machine Hour Rate allows manufacturers to accurately estimate the cost of using machinery in production. This information helps in setting appropriate product prices and determining the profitability of each product.
  2. Effective Resource Allocation: By knowing the cost of operating each machine, manufacturers can allocate resources efficiently, ensuring optimal utilization of machinery and equipment.
  3. Cost Control and Budgeting: Machine Hour Rate assists in cost control efforts and budgeting for future expenses related to machinery.
  4. Decision Making: Understanding the cost implications of machine usage enables informed decision-making regarding investments in new equipment, replacement of old machinery, or outsourcing certain tasks.

Challenges And Considerations

While Machine Hour Rate is a valuable tool, some challenges and considerations should be kept in mind:

  1. Varying Usage: Machine Hour Rate assumes that machine usage is the sole determinant of cost, but this may not always be the case. The efficiency and productivity of the operator and other external factors may also influence costs.
  2. Estimation Accuracy: Calculating the exact Machine Hour Rate requires precise data on both fixed and variable costs. Any inaccuracies may lead to faulty cost estimations.
  3. Dynamic Nature: Machine Hour Rate can fluctuate due to changes in costs, demand, or machine performance. Regular updates and reassessments are necessary to maintain accuracy.


Machine Hour Rate is a vital tool for manufacturers seeking to optimize cost management and make informed decisions about their production processes. By calculating the cost of operating machinery on an hourly basis, businesses can ensure efficient resource allocation, accurate pricing, and effective budgeting. However, it is essential to consider the dynamic nature of costs and the accuracy of data used in the calculation process. As manufacturing processes continue to evolve, Machine Hour Rate remains a reliable metric to navigate the intricacies of cost analysis and foster sustainable growth in the competitive landscape of manufacturing industries.


What Machine Hours Mean?

What is a Machine-Hour? A machine-hour is a measurement used to apply factory overhead to manufactured goods. It is most applicable in machine-intensive environments where the amount of time spent in processing by a machine is the largest activity upon which overhead allocations can be based.

What Is Man Hour And Machine Hour Rate?

Labour hour rate refers to the use of people for carrying out a task, whereas machine hour rate refers to the tasks that are carried by the machines.

Why Is Machine Hour Rate Important?

With machine hour rate, we can charge almost all operating expenses on the basis of machines. 2. With the help of under absorption of machine overhead, we can find the idle time of machine. After this, we try to reduce it.

What Is The Machine Hour Rate Of Absorption?

The absorption rate is calculated by dividing the factory overheads apportioned to a machine by the number of hours the machine has been worked. Thus, we will get the rate per machine how. This is called machine hour rate. In other words, it is the cost of running a machine for one hour.

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