What are the types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

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What are the types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a process of proficient oral treatment that concentrates on enhancing the look of the teeth. And even though cosmetic dentistry methods are commonly optional rather than necessary, some cosmetic dentistry cases also give therapeutic advantages. If you have broken, chipped, worn, discolored, misaligned, or stained teeth or have spaces between your teeth, new cosmetic dentistry can help you have a better smile. With just one or more procedures, it can enhance the look of your smile. Here are various types of cosmetic dentistry procedures accessible.

Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Onlays and Inlays 

This cosmetic dentistry process is also called indirect fillings, which a dental research lab creates. They are utilized when a tooth has moderate to mild insufficient tooth structure or decay to fill. If there is no decay to the tooth points, the inlay is positioned onto the tooth’s surface. 

Nonetheless, when the point or a more critical part of your tooth is decayed, your dentist probably utilizes an onlay to fill in the entire surface of your tooth.

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  • Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the fixing of discolored, damaged, or decayed teeth utilizing material that matches the color of tooth enamel. Your dentist removes the damaged portion of your tooth, then uses the composite onto the surface of your tooth. After that, forms it into the proper structure before fixing it with an increased intensity light. 

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This process also successfully fills in the damage to your tooth and provides the look of a healthy tooth. Bonding is one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry methods accessible to patients with cracked or chipped teeth, tooth decay, and worn-down edges.

  • Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry methods. Teeth Whitening can be conducted at the dentist’s clinic, often just one visit. First, the dentist will remove tartar, plaque, and other waste from every tooth’s surface, renewing its natural look. After that, your teeth can be made white with a bleaching formula to attain an even brighter color than this actual color.

  • Dental Veneers

Commonly created from medical-grade ceramic, it is a custom-made cover that goes over your teeth. They appear very realistic and can fix many cosmetic issues, ranging from damaged or cracked enamel to crooked teeth to noticeable spaces between teeth. The dentist uses the covering to the front of every tooth utilizing dental glue.