Way to become not being a jealous wife

Jealousy is human nature but it could hurt your relationships if it gets out of your hands. Deal with your feelings by figuring out where they come from and why they develop. NRI matrimonial USA says to do your best to talk properly with your partner to avoid misunderstanding and to lower your feeling of insecurity. Enjoy your relationship in love but make sure to take care of yourself and your emotional well-being as well. 

  • Avoid comparing yourself to any of your partner’s friends: it is obvious to think about how you compare to your partner’s friend, but overthinking could be harmful. Remember that former relations are for the past for a reason and concert on the strength of your current relationship. Focus on the past would never allow it to overshadow your current happiness. Avoid all the temptation to look for your partner’s exes on social media.
  • Pursue new hobbies and interests on your own: in healthy relationships, both partners have certain interests to pursue. This may help to reduce jealousy by keeping both parties fulfilled and occupied. To boost your self-esteem and secure your relationship, try an activity like:
  • Dancing
  • Photographer
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Enjoy your space: when your relationship starts to get dependent, both parties may feel inclined to spend every time with their partner. Try to take some time for yourself to do things which you enjoy on your own. Value your own time would help you feel less jealous when your partner does things without you.
    • You may take advantage of your alone time to read a book, go to a spa, run, walk, or favorite TV shows. 
  • Remember your best qualities to boost your self-esteem: lower self-confidence could leave you vulnerable to emotions of inadequacy and jealousy. Enhance your self-esteem by making a note of your strongest attributes, as expressed by others or evidence in your activities. 
  • Do not make social media everything in your relationship: spending most of your time on social media could isolate and jealousy you from your real-life relationship. Avoid communicating over social media which could foster distance between the two of you in the longer run. 
  • Never snoop on your partner: if you are uncertain about your spouse to snoop on them, nothing you uncover would be helpful to you. Even if you found something which proves your partner to be untrustworthy, you would also be breaking their trust by violating their privacy. 
  • Compromise on valuable things: Australian matrimonial sites have numerous profiles from around the world, many people negotiate a lot in the initial phase or while selecting a partner but it is not worth it as it makes you feel drained from the start point of your relationship. Making demands of your partner without considering their feelings is bound to create tension in your relationship. This may show that you are considering their well-being while maintaining your boundaries. If you are upset about your partner going to a sports event with colleagues without you, suggest something worth or equivalent to it.