Types of Foods & Drinks to Avoid Before Bed

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You may not realize it, but you probably do it every night without even realizing it: You eat before bed. It’s hard to avoid food when your busy day is at an end. But there are some foods that should be consumed with caution before laying down for the night. In this article, we will explore  what types of foods should be avoided for a good night’s rest.


It might seem as if drinking a couple of beers or a glass of wine or a bottle of booze will aid in falling asleep. However, there are three compelling reasons to avoid drinking alcohol, particularly excessively prior to bedtime.

Alcohol may assist in sleeping but it disrupts your naturally occurring sleep process later at night. This could reduce the quantity of deep REM sleep you experience.

Drinking alcohol can relax all muscles in your body that could cause a worsening of sleep apnea as well as hard snoring. The esophageal sphincter is a muscle affected by alcohol as well. When it is relaxed it can cause acid reflux.

Heavy Foods

Foods that appear to weigh on your stomach, actually take longer to take in. Foods that are fatty, cheesy, and fried food items could cause indigestion and cause you to stay up all the end of the night. Beware of fries, cheeseburgers, other deep-fried food, and huge steaks that are consumed late in the day.

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Foods with high water content

The act of getting up to go to the bathroom could interfere with your sleep. Of course drinking plenty of fluids is a crucial aspect of being healthy However, you should not get a full bladder late at night. It is advised to stay away from foods that contain a lot of water content, which includes those that are nutritious. This includes celery, watermelon, and cucumbers.

Foods that contain Hidden Caffeine

Be sure to read the labels on nutrition. There are many foods that contain caffeine, and you might not think of it. Soda and tea are generally caffeinated unless stated or otherwise. Additionally, certain desserts and ice creams are infused with espresso or coffee or chocolate. Chocolate, along with other drinks that contain caffeine are stimulants. They make it harder to get into the deep phases of sleep and also reduce how much REM sleep you typically receive.

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Super Sugary Treats

Yo-yos made of insulin can cause havoc to sleeping patterns. This is the reason you should stay away from foods with a lot of sugar that could cause blood sugar levels to rise before crashing. Sugary desserts, cereals, as well as candy, are not ideal for your nighttime snacks for this reason.

Spicy Foods

Anyone who suffers from heartburn is aware that spicy food can cause problems in the evening. But there’s another reason to stay clear of these dishes. Naturally, your body’s temperature is required to be lower to allow sleep, but hot peppers can increase the body’s temperature. The sensation of being hot could keep you awake longer. If you like food that has an edgy flavor, you should try having it for lunch or breakfast instead of dinner.

Acidic Foods

Another cause of acid reflux is no surprise foods that are highly acidic. Items like citrus juice, raw onions white wine, and tomato sauce can disrupt your sleep and cause heartburn to worsen. That’s why you could regret eating pizza prior to bed.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower and cabbage are excellent for overall health but they’re probably not the most beneficial option to consume before bed. These veggies can affect your ability to rest soundly since you’re probably still digesting all the fiber as you try to get to sleep. This can cause digestive issues. So, it is recommended to eat them earlier in the morning to allow your body enough time to take them in before you go down to sleep at night.

Tomatoes and citrus fruits

The consumption of tomatoes could also negatively impact your sleep. This is due to tyramine, which is a form of amino acid that increases the brain’s activity and slows sleep. There is no evidence that citrus fruits would be unhealthy because of the high content of vitamin C this fruit is not recommended as an ideal food for bedtime as it could cause heartburn and acidity when not properly digested. It can not only disrupt your sleep pattern but could also ruin your day by causing a constant burning sensation.

Red-meat, and cheese

Cheese is perhaps the most obnoxious offender. Red meat has a lot of protein, meats that have been cured and cheese contain amino acid tyramine, which keeps you more alert.

Caffeinated drinks as well as chocolate

We are all aware that drinks with high levels of caffeine are not recommended before bed since they can trigger insomnia, but this is true for chocolates as well. The content of caffeine in chocolates might be lower than that of other chocolates, but it’s still a “sneaky evil”, in addition to caffeine, it also contains an amino acid that keeps people feeling more alert. Instead of taking it in the evening, eat chocolate to increase your energy level during the daytime.


If you are looking to get a good night’s sleep, avoid eating or drinking the following items before bedtime. By steering clear of these foods and drinks, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper slumber. Have you tried avoiding these foods before bed? What changes did you notice in your sleep quality?

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