Turmeric Painting- How It Harnesses the Imagination Greatly

Juliet D'cruz

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Making your homemade organic paint helps parents in taking control over the content used and creates a non-toxic natural alternative for kids. Children can enjoy DIY crafts and art ideas without the fear of exposure to toxins. There are many other fun activities for kids offered by different online kids classes. Turmeric painting is one such creative and fun activity that kids can learn at home. It is also a safe alternative to other dye paintings. Turmeric is a traditional dye used in the whole of South Asia. It is quite popular during festivities especially at weddings where the bride and the groom get a facial painting to brighten up their face. There are many benefits of turmeric application like it helps to soften your skin and evening out the tone of your skin. 

Conventionally, turmeric is used as a fabric dye because of its vibrant yellow colour. But you can also create turmeric paint to do some beautiful turmeric painting. Yellow class is one such kid’s online activities website that offers many indoor activities that kids can learn from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, you must visit the Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids | Yellow Class to choose the activity course online that your kid enjoys. 

Let us look at the simple steps to make your organic turmeric paint:

Step 1: You will have to process the turmeric sticks either in a food processor or in a mortar and pestle. 

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Step 2: After grinding the turmeric, add water for creating a thick paste. Ate mixing water, you will get mustard-colored paint. To get a natural red colour, you must add an alkali ingredient like Fuller’s earth. You will get a red colour because of the chemical reaction between the two ingredients. You can also experiment by adding other natural ingredients like mango rid and safflowers to get different colors.

Step 3: You can use this paste to paint on wood, canvas and other porous materials. 

You must not hesitate to allow your child to play with paint as it is completely safe. Let us look at some other benefits of painting:

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  • Brain development- This emotion-based and creative activity supports the cognitive development of the brain. DIY art and craft activities help in developing neural connections. When painting, the brain is encouraged to choose patterns, designs, and colors. Different painting activities help in capturing objects and exploring complex skills.
  • Confidence- Painting allows your kid to explore and create a piece of art with the help of his imagination. There are no exact rules for painting, hence it creates a feeling of confidence and freedom to create whatever one wants to. 
  • Expressing emotions- Painting allows your child to express himself emotionally. It is also a reflection of your child’s imagination. The activity is also relaxing and helps calm the brain. Painting is relieving especially when your kid is going through a difficult time.

Increases creativity- Painting improves creative thinking. It encourages a child to look at things differently and in a more positive manner. This helps in resolving problems that he might face at school or the playground. It also helps in building the child’s personality. Children can paint with a brush or with their hands according to their preferences and explore their creative side unapologetically.