Top Reasons for You to Collect and Use Skateboard Stickers

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Skateboarding has been a cool thing among the urban youth for long. Many believe that it is because the activity allows participants to feel the sense of speed; get thrills out of their crazy antics, and is a great way of interacting with urban spaces. Skateboarding is also a very economical activity, with the gear being highly affordable by all. Skateboard decals are quite the craze among skateboarders because it allows them to express themselves creatively. Some of the main reasons why using and collecting skateboard decals is such a big thing:

Protects the Deck

The stickers, usually printed on good quality vinyl, are very useful in covering the scratches that a skateboard is prone to acquire with use. Because of the water-repellant properties of vinyl that can be further enhanced with protective laminates, the stickers are resistant not only to water but also scratches, tears, and fading due to bright sunlight. Whenever you see that the sticker has become worn out, you can simply peel it off and paste a new one. You can give an extra layer of protection to your skateboard bottom with a sticker if you are into slide maneuvers and tricks because it can prevent objects that your skateboard comes into contact with from leaving a mark.

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An Expression of Your Personality 

Skateboard stickers come in an amazing variety of colors and graphics that you can choose to suit your need for creative expression. If you want, you can also design your own stickers using easy-to-use graphic software. However, with the wide assortment of readymade sticks available from various sources like manufacturers of skateboards, decks, trucks, and wheels, not to speak of skateboarding apparel and protective equipment, you have no lack of choice of expression.

Support for Local Brands

As may be imagined, there are thousands of skateboard manufacturers globally with many of them being large companies that also sell a large assortment of gear, footwear, and clothing aimed at young skateboarders. However, there are also many local companies, and it can be a wonderful gesture on your part to support them not only by purchasing equipment but also by helping them to promote themselves with the help of skateboard decals. According to Entrepreneur, supporting a local manufacturer helps to improve the local economy.

Building a Collection 

Skateboard decals come with such a large variety of graphics that often follow trends in pop art and culture that many enthusiasts start building up collections of these stickers. Many people have built up a huge collection of decals organized by the date of release, the brand, or by the subject depicted. It is not unknown for stickers that were once distributed for free to be sold for more than $100 because they are now rare.

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Skateboard decals not only add a fun element to your skateboard and allow you to look cool but also protect it from getting scratched and damaged. Additionally, by using these stickers, you can keep following cultural trends. By featuring local companies on your stickers, you can help to promote them in your community.


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