Top 3 Best MDM Tools

Juliet D'cruz

Updated on:

Aside from MDM Azure, there are still plenty of master data management solutions you can use to manage and govern your data. These tools offer various features that allow you to manage your data assets in a better way, and also, these tools can help you modernize your data infrastructure. Here are top 3 best MDM tools you can use for your business:

  • IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management provides the comprehensive master data management solution to help improve various aspects of controlling and handling your business data. With this platform, you can optimize your data management, get better insights from your data, and reduce the chance of errors in your data utilization. 


  • You can deliver accurate real-time insights for your master data with this platform.
  • You can also become proactive in controlling your data assets and monitor the quality of your data at all times. 
  • This platform allows you to collaborate with self-service data access and pick the deployment model most suitable for your business type.
  • Magnitude Kalido Master Data Management

Magnitude Kalido Master Data Management is a platform that allows you to integrate your data assets across your business, making it simpler for you to manage and govern your business data. It can help modernize your data infrastructure and automate various data-related activities in your business. It’s also perfect for collaboration and integration for all your data sources.

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  • This platform offers you the data management solution that you can use to unify multiple data sources into a single source that is easy to access and manage in your business.
  • You can create the golden copy of your data assets and customize the business interface to match with each department in your business.
  • The harmonization process of your data will give you the top-notch data quality that is free from errors and conflicts for better data analytics.
  • Riversand MDM

Riversand MDM is the master data management platform that allows you to unify all your data sources from multiple domains into a single source, which can lead to smarter decision making for your business. There are various smart business applications you can use on this platform, which can help govern and manage various aspects of your data assets. Also, the data governance tools provided in this platform allow you to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data information in your business.

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  • You can integrate various data sources from multiple domains into a single source that is accessible and manageable for your business.
  • It uses the native cloud platform that helps provide a seamless use of your data, along with fast upgrades and implementation.
  • The platform uses fast processing power to provide speed and agility in the data processing you perform in your business.


These are the top 3 best MDM tools you can use today. These tools can help you manage and govern your data assets by unifying the multiple data sources you have into a single source. It gives you an easier method to access the data assets you have across various business departments and applications. It can also help manage your data assets so that you can use them to make better decisions in your business.