Tips For Your Very Own Home Theatre

Juliet D'cruz

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So, you have finally decided to spend some bucks and make that spare room into a good theatre.


But, we understand, now you are confused about the things that you have to buy. I mean, the internet can really confuse with all the grand options.


Although you have saved up for this day, there is no point in spending all your savings for a few Friday movie nights with your friends just to give you a quick reality check. So, you need to get some perspective.

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You need to get a list that will not only help you get a good experience but do not drill a hole through your pocket. Yes, there are a few things which you can do and items you can buy which are absolutely budget-friendly and give you the best movie night ‘feel.’

So, sit back and relax and let us give you the ultimate list.

The Biggest Issue!

Now, before we continue, there is something which we need to let you know. This is about the biggest issue on movie nights.


Now, let’s say you have done everything which si enlisted underneath, and you have the perfect setting; if your movie suddenly starts to buffer, there is nothing bigger mood killer than that.

This is why what you need to do is ditch the idea of watching a movie with an active internet. Rather, try to get all your movies here

The best part is that you can download all your movies for free without any issue.

This will redirect you to the pirate bay, which is a decentralized peer-to-peer domain, and it helps users to get all their favorite movies, games, tv series, and softwares for free. So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading right away.

Tips For Your ‘Theatre’

We have scoured the internet and compiled some of the best technological addiction and aesthetic setters which can help you get into the best mood.

1. A Home Theatre

Yes, it is high time that you invest in a home theatre. A movie night is nothing with the phenomenal sounds which will ooze out of every direction. Half of the fun in a movie theatre is the sounds.

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So, you can bring half of the fun with just the help of a home theater. You can get one big soundbar which is a 360-degree function, or you can go for more of the traditional forms, which have five speakers lodged in five areas of the room. 

This is what we call a miniature theatre!

2. Led Lights

There could be no better mod setters than LED lights. After all, there is no fun in a movie theatre if it is not dark. Yes, you can switch off the lights, but why not go to the extra length and simply get some of the best color-changing LED lights.

Wrap them aesthetically around your television, and change the lights according to the genre of the movie. 

3. Different Flavours Of Popcorn

If we are talking buoy mimicking a movie theatre, it is mandatory that we bring one of the best characteristics of the movie theatre.


Most importantly, popcorn. This is why you need to get all the flavors of popcorn in your own movie theatre. Now, you have your own slated cheese and caramel.

4. Mini Fridge

Yes, another thing related to the food we know!

However, something like top-end tier popcorns will require the best drinks. So, why not get a mini-fridge and stack them all with your flavored popcorn as well.

Yes, this is something on the expensive side, but it is a one-time investment, and which house doesn’t need an extra fridge.

5. Comfortable Cushions & Throw Blankets

Comfort is the next most important thing after a sound is definitely comfort. This is why one should never set up any movie setting without comfortable seating. Other than ensuring that seating placement is perfect, away from all glares and obstruction, it also has to be comfortable. 

So, why not decorate with items like huge fluffy cushions and even throw pillows for the seasons when it gets a little chilly. 

Happy Movie Nights!

Movie nights are something which we all look forward to. Now, just imagine having them in the comforts of our own home.

So, do everything that we have listed, and please download the movie playlist beforehand. There is no point in all this preparation if you have to wait for the internet to work properly.