The Life of the Party: Traits of a Cancer

Juliet D'cruz

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The Life of the Party: Traits of a Cancer

While a Cancer may not be considered the rambunctious, outgoing “life of the party” everyone expects, these water signs can effortlessly tune into the energies of everyone in the room that they’re in. Their sensitive and caring natures (along with many other of their Cancer traits) make them ideal friends, ones that will remain loyal and listen to all of your problems.

As a rule, those born between June 21 and July 22 instantly attract others through their emotional depth and commitment to relationships. Therefore, you will undoubtedly feel welcome when you enter a Cancer’s home for a friendly get-together, making the crab the true life of the party.

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Hard External Shells

Despite a Cancer’s need to be close with friends and family, they can often be deemed unapproachable by strangers due to their quiet, reserved personalities. This hard, exterior shell makes them come across as sometimes aloof or even rude simply because they’re so sensitive and introverted with their interactions. However, once you build a close friendship or romantic relationship with a Cancer, they’re happy to be a part of your life for good. 

When it comes to earning this water sign’s trust and loyalty, it requires the same amount of time and effort that a Cancer would undeniably give you in return. If you’re learning more about the personality traits of a Cancer to try and nurture a growing relationship with one already in your life, keep in mind that they dislike small talk that comes across as disingenuous. Getting right to the heart of a matter and being honest and forthright with your Cancer friend or partner is the key to winning them over.

Go out of your way to make Cancers feel as loved and protected as they make you feel by making them comfortable in your presence. For instance, go to a movie with just your friend to build upon your one-on-one connection, without lots of other people around that may make your crab retreat into his or her shell. Or, cook a quiet, romantic dinner for two at home for your Cancer partner to show your appreciation and love with a personal touch. Such moments can do wonders for helping the Cancer sign in your life feel supported and loved, just as they would do for you.

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Self Care Is Important for Cancer 

If you’re a Cancer sign, you may find it difficult to come out of your own shell when it matters most, such as during an important job interview or while nurturing relationships with other possibly more outgoing friends or partners. As long as you stick with your intuition, one of the guiding characteristics of your sign, you can extend beyond your creature comforts and begin to emerge in your day-to-day life, feeling more free and uninhibited as you go. 

However, even as you get more comfortable breaking free from your proverbial shell, be mindful of investing in your internal emotions through self-care when necessary. Since you’re ruled by the ever-moody moon and its phases, draining yourself emotionally and mentally can be hazardous for your health. Check out your Cancer daily horoscope for greater insight into your current moods and reflect on your future going forward.