Super Fun Things to Enjoy on your Trip to Rishikesh

Juliet D'cruz

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Rishikesh is all about the glistening Ganges, chanting of Hindu prayers, scenic backdrop refreshing your senses and adrenaline-gushing adventure activities. The city is a fusion of piousness and thrill, which is why Rishikesh is called by two names- Land of God and The Adventure Capital of India. Book your room in Rishikesh from hotel booking site like HappyEasyGo and head out to try the following fun things to do here- 

  • River Rafting

Rishikesh and river rafting go hand-in-hand with each other. One is incomplete without another. Your trip to this pious city will be happening when you try your hands at river rafting in Rishikesh. It, in fact, is among the best adventure activities in Rishikesh. If you are an adventure junkie, you must definitely try this sport during your trip. 

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Pro tip: Avoid heading to Rishikesh in the monsoon season as the water level in the rivers rise during this time.

  • Bungee Jumping

If you are searching for an adrenaline-pumping experience during your trip to Rishikesh, head to bungee jumping, among the other fun things to do in Rishikesh. The activity involves jumping from a cliff or a tall building, with your ankles and body safeguarded with a rope harness or cord. The thrill of falling through the air for a part of the time before the cord starts recoiling and brings you back to the origin makes for an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Head to the highest bungee in India, Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh, located at 83-m over the Ganges. 

Pro tip: This adrenaline gushing sport is a physically-demanding activity and requires fitness. Anyone with health issues or heart conditions must not indulge in this.

  • Camping

The fresh air, magnificent mountains, and the serene Ganges flowing through Rishikesh offers an exhilarating experience to the excited campers. Camping is one of the most rejuvenating things to do in the ‘city of Gods’ as you get to enjoy meals, dazzle at music, play games around a bonfire, wake up to the chirping of birds and hear the melody of the river waves. Also, take a morning stroll along the seashore or indulge in white water rafting and body surfing.

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Pro tip: Avoid going camping during the monsoons as the floor becomes slippery and damp.

  • Thrilling at the Giant Swing

As exhilarating as bungee jumping, the Giant Swing is a must-try during your visit to Rishikesh. While bungee jumping involves falling from a high cliff, the Giant Swing lets you enjoy a swing through the deep Rishikesh valleys. Giant Swing involves being secured with a rope harness which is fixed to a point. As soon as you take a leap, you swing like a pendulum from one end to the other. 

Pro tip: People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues must avoid indulging in this activity.

  • Kayaking 

Rishikesh has multiple levels of Kayaking to suit everyone. In this activity, sit safely and comfortably in a kayak (a canoe-like boat) and move through the rapids and tides of the river. If you are a beginner at this thrilling activity, experienced trainers here will make it simple for you. Besides the clean waters and rapids, the rough patches of the streams of Rishikesh make Kayaking bumpier and more exciting.