Six things to set up for a stimulating Kids room

Juliet D'cruz

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Six things to set up for a stimulating Kids room

A stimulating home environment is often the first place to harness your kids creativity. Between waking them up and putting them back to sleep there are umpteen things that need to be taken care of when it comes to children. Hence, punctuality, order, and routines are a must. To start with these three an active, aesthetically appealing small or spacious space has to be recreated that is not only kids friendly but something that introduces a methodical approach.

Having said that here top things that will help you set up a stimulating environment for your kid: 

A designated place for everything right from the start helps your child to understand the importance of being orderly. From their school bags to sorting their toys delegate a place for everything. Example: you can use a kid’s drawers and label them, use collapsible storage organisers for toys and books, a bin for left over clothes, an entire stand for organising pens, pencils and other stationary items. This would restore everyday harmony in the house.

  • Buy accessible furniture

Investing in accessible furniture is perhaps the first step to acknowledge their independence. Anything that needs a parent’s intervention may lead to distraction, for example fetching a glass of water, to reaching out to his favourite game. Hence, buy furniture like a kids study table and chair, a bunk bed that they will be fond of, and buy kids cutlery that they can connect easily based on size and strength of their hands.

  • Accessible arrangements 

Make their clothing accessible, if you are unable to buy fresh furniture then arrange their stuff at the bottom racks for them to access them without any hassle. This helps them to choose, select and start being independent. 

  • Make room for books

Children often get attracted to books of all sorts. By organising them in such a way that they can pick them up without any adult help will be a great way to boost their creativity. So, have a dedicated space for books, teach your kids to organise them in the order of their size or subject. This way they would learn to treat books with care and respect.

  • Incorporating neutral colour tones

Bold fancy colours can often be appealing, however, incorporating cool and warm tones in a kids bedroom is often recommended keeping the mental peace the lighter shades offer. Don’t get carried away with bold colour schemes, themes and children referenced icons. All they would want is an organised, clutter free space and a calm environment to thrive. 

  • Make way for natural light

Nothing is better than natural light, encourage your kids to read and write in natural light. A room where sunshine flows from all corners and is airy is best for kids. It is also important for their room to be well lit other than the natural light source. Ensure it is a pleasant white light rather than the yellow light. 

Children of all ages should be given a way to lead an independent life. This can not only be stimulating mentally but helps them gain confidence in doing daily activities without assistance. Thus, helps in developing their overall personality.