Private classes in music, art, languages ​​and much more during these mid-year holidays

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Private classes in music, art, languages ​​and much more during these mid-year holidays

The mid-year vacations are a good time to do those activities that you like so much and that you have been putting off for a long time, such as learning to sing, play an instrument, paint a picture or perhaps learning a second language. Well, it’s now or never! Take advantage of these holidays to take private classes in music, art, languages ​​or any other activity that you like.

This holiday season is ending, so you should make the most of the time, that does not mean that spending your time studying is a bad idea. Signing up for private English classes is a great opportunity to grow professionally or if you prefer, learn to paint and create a work of art. There are many recreational activities that you have to choose from with which you can have fun and learn at the same time.

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Things to do on vacation: dance or art classes

You don’t need to think about it much, you just have to start art classes and let everything flow. If you want to distract yourself, painting is an activity that helps you release tension and bad energy. It is enough that you know how to use a brush and let your creativity run wild.

But if what you want is to learn to dance, then dance classes are your thing. In addition to being fun, they are a tool to keep fit, relieve stress, burn excess body fat, improve blood circulation, tone muscles and increase joint elasticity. The most important thing is that when you dance you feel happy and that fills you with youth and vitality.

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With the personalized dance classes, you will have the possibility of scheduling an expert teacher in the genre that you like the most, for as long as you have so that you can learn from the most basic to the most advanced techniques. Choose your dance teacher online, the largest community of teachers in Latin America and Europe, many of them offer the first free class to meet them. Sign up for dance classes and start dancing like a professional!

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Time to learn a new language or improve your English with virtual classes

Learning a second language is an activity that strengthens your memory and keeps your brain sharp. Plus, it’s entertaining! You can study at home, read books or listen to songs.

These holidays are the perfect time to take English classes from home, without wasting time in traffic while you go to an academy, in the hours you have available with a good private English teacher who teaches you at your own pace. of virtual classes, saving time and money.

Personalize your learning by selecting an online teacher who best suits your needs, but who has a high level of knowledge (they do not need to be native). The important thing is that they have pedagogy and are receptive to your doubts and concerns.

Activities for children and adults with private face-to-face or online classes

Planning recreational activities that at the same time generate learning and that can also be carried out by the whole family, is really a challenge. Some carry a certain expense and others are less expensive. The goal is to do the activity together and learn new things; Tusclases recommends these 5 activity ideas that you can do with the little ones in the house during these holidays by taking private classes in person or online.

Painting and drawing: an ideal activity for children to develop their creativity and let their imagination run wild. These classes have the possibility of being taken in person or through virtual classes, depending on your preference and comfort.

Making crafts: This is another activity that allows children to develop their creativity and imagination. In addition, activities such as cutting paper or modelling clay allow motor skills to be practised. While it gives you the opportunity to work on your creativity and imagination and bring out that child in you since you will also have to do some crafts.

Cooking with children: integrating the smallest of the house in learning culinary recipes, especially if it is confectionery, is always recommended. With these cooking classes, they will discover that preparing food can be fun and they will better appreciate the dishes they eat every day. The best thing is that they can watch the classes online and prepare meals from home.

Study another language: carrying out this type of activity with your children is an excellent way to instil the importance of languages ​​in the little ones. As you learn the same language, they will have another way to communicate, uniting their love ties even more. Choosing this activity on vacation will not only strengthen communication between parent and child, but it will also benefit the child at the school level because it will strengthen her concentration and memory, this activity being excellent school support.

Learn music: learning to play an instrument can be very beneficial for your child, as this will bring him physical, sensory, and cognitive benefits and even improve his personality by increasing his self-confidence. But if at the same time he sees you striving to learn to play the same instrument, he will motivate him to continue until he achieves it. Make sure you choose a good music teacher who is available for this vacation. Don’t waste time and choose it now!