Modern Embroidery Will Have You in Stitches

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you looking for a new hobby, and curious about needle-art? You should give modern embroidery a try!

Needlecrafts are great for people who like to work on a project over a few days and weeks. Sometimes needle crafting projects can take a bit longer to complete, but that’s optional.

What’s really nice is that needleworking projects are very durable, so you can create heirlooms to pass on to your kids and grandkids. And if you like to make crafts and sell them locally or online, needlework gifts are a popular souvenir that works for all occasions.

Here’s an overview of two popular needlepoint crafts and how to make them.

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The craft of decorating fabric using needles has been around since ancient times. Long before the first embroidery machines got invented, people used needles and thread to hand-stitch intricate designs in fabric.

These patterns and textures used to be available only to nobility. But today, thanks to the popularity of modern crafting, almost everyone can enjoy making their own fancy designs.

Needlepoint is a technique where crafters cover pre-printed fabric in colorful thread. They match the threads to the printed colors a little at a time until the entire canvas gets covered.

The stitches loop from left to right, without crossing over each other. Once the background colors are in place, the crafter can overlay them with flower stitches and other embellishments.

Hand Embroidery

Another technique for stitching designs on fabric is Embroidery, sometimes called Cross-stitch. So what are the differences between needlepoint vs cross stitch? The main difference is that the needlepoint uses loops in one layer. Cross-stitch gets applied in a criss-cross pattern of little “x” es that fill the canvas in various color patterns.

Cross-stitch also relies on a little grid of holes punched into the fabric. While needlepoint relies on pre-printed colors on the fabric, cross-stitching relies on counting. The “x” es have to go in the right spot on the grid for the stitched image to look like it should.

Cross-stitch patterns can take much more time to complete because they use twice as many stitches as needlepoint. Some people think cross-stitching is too tedious to be fun! But if you enjoy making things with a high level of precision, cross-stitching can be a very satisfying way to relax.

If you’re especially talented and don’t need to follow a pattern, you can freestyle your own needlework. This is not usually done by newbies, though. It takes being able to see the finished project in your head, so you know precisely where your stitches need to go!

Making Your Own Embroidery Projects from Scratch

If you are artistic and love working with patterns and textures, you might want to try making your own embroidery projects from scratch. It helps to sketch them out first.

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Then you can plan how many “x” es you’ll need and in what colors. Or in the case of needlepoint, paint your background colors on the fabric so you can eventually cover them in stitches.

Where to Find Modern Embroidery Kits

So where e can you go to buy your first modern embroidery kits? Any major crafting chain will sell a decent selection of pre-patterned needlepoint and cross-stitching projects. You can also buy them online if you want more variety to choose from.

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