How to Increase the life of your Air Compressor?

Juliet D'cruz

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Air compressor is a critical investment in any business. However, maintain it can cost you a fortune if you miss to follow certain basics to optimize its performance. Don’t worry; you have reached the right platform to learn the basics of maintaining an air compressor. These tips will help you to prevent emergency breakdowns, downtimes, and heavy expenses on repair and replacements. You must follow these if you wish for increase productivity and cost savings. 

Regardless of whether you install an air compressor in factory, construction site, or an industrial plant, maintenance is a critical aspect. No matter how large if your business operation, you cannot afford to replace your existing air compressor with the new one frequently.

Let’s discuss some of the critical maintenance tips that will help you to improve the life of your air compressor…

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Improve the life of your air compressor with these easy and essential maintenance tips:

  • Go through the user manual:

Air compressors are easy to solve in case of any malfunction if you have a user manual to go through. Most user manuals have FAQs related to technical issues in air compressors. These can help you solve at least minor concerns related to air compressors. Most owners do not take manual seriously and end up calling for a technician even for the most minor remedies.

  • Fasten nuts and bolts:

Using the air compressor regularly may sometimes loosen the nuts and bolts. It is due to the machine vibrations and high temperature. Loose nuts, screws, and bolts are not a good sign as the machine may fall apart leading to accidental scenarios. You can tighten or fasten these on your own. You don’t need a technical knowledge for the same. However, you may call for a technician to check for any rust and replacement of the same.

  • Clean the vents and valves:

Your air compressor can be said perfect when it works at full capacity. It is possible when you have clean vents. Regularly using the unit can also invite dust particles and other air-bound elements through the vents. Cleaning the vents timely is essential. Regardless of where your air compressor is installed, you need to clean the vents every three month to ensure pure air passing through dents.

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  • Follow regular inspections/audits:

Regular inspections and audits can surely increase the life of your air compressor. For instance, hoses are most critical components of an air compressor. Hoses are meant to be strong and tight but, they are expected to be loose and flexible at the same time. Thus, hose inspection is critical and has to be done by a qualified technician. Creases or tear/wear are signs that the hose is giving up and needs a replacement. 

  • Change the components if necessary:

Not just the air filter or hose, if there is anything that needs a replacement, you must do it on time. Using old or rusted components can make the entire machine non-functional and this can further result in heavy expenditures on replacements. Air filter needs to be replaced regularly, when you have compressed air audit your technician will also suggest you the same. Without a good running filter, the dust and other impurities enter the air compressor disrupting the performance of the unit overall.

Air compressor maintenance feels like a piece of cake when you have all the tips and manuals in place. Having a technician on board for performing regular checks and audits can further help increase the unit’s lifespan. Get in touch with your nearest technician and contact them for a regular audit for your air compressor.