How to Cut Marble Accurately

Juliet D'cruz

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Out of all of the materials that people can use for their countertops, marble is near the top of the list in terms of popularity. There are so many other uses for marble as well, whether you’re going for function or decor. 

Are you trying to add some marble to your home? If so, you may want to try and DIY the project. However, if you haven’t worked with this material before, you could end up causing damage to it before you even get through the first cut! 

There is a right and a wrong way to cut this type of material so that you can have marble precision cutting every time. 

Keep reading to find out how to cut marble and what type of tools you’ll need before you begin. 

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Measure the Area

Before anything else, you should put protective tape on your marble. It’s important to protect the edges of the slab marble with a few layers of tape to ensure it doesn’t crack or break. Masking tape is going to work best for this purpose.

After this, it’s time to measure what you need to cut. You can place the cutting marks that you measure on top of the tape so that it doesn’t touch the actual marble. Use a tape measure to get an accurate reading.

Prepare the Cutting Space and Saw

Once you know the size you need to cut, you can move the slab to an outdoor cutting area near the saw. You will want to prepare a work surface. To do this, place plywood across two sawhorses.

Do you not own your own saw? Instead of renting or purchasing one, you could always contact a professional, such as Atlas Tool Works, to help you with this process. 

If you’re cutting a small piece of marble, such as decorative marble, you can cut it on the grass if your ground is level. Test this with a spirit, bubble, or regular level before you begin.

After you know where you’ll be cutting, you should set the depth of your saw according to how thick the slab marble is. Clamp the slab in place, and move all of the equipment needed for your specific type of saw to the cutting area.

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Cut the Marble Slabs

At this point, it’s time to cut, so turn on your saw and cut through the marble. You will want to follow the line that you measured out earlier.

Hold the saw very firmly in both of your hands to avoid an injury. You will want to push the blade along the marble slowly until you get to the other side of the slab.

Trim the Edges

After you’ve cut the marble, you can trim up your edges. Remove the protective tape, and use an angle grinder along the edge to smooth it out. You can also use a dry-use stone blade if needed for more accuracy.

To use the angle grinder, hold it in both hands, and sink the blade into the slab as you pull it around the area. Then, use the blade to contour this like if necessary. 

Learning How to Cut Marble Isn’t so Hard

Now that you have all of the insight you’ll need to figure out how to cut marble yourself, you can give it a try. Remember that practice makes perfect, so you may want to work with a saw on a less expensive material a few times first before you try marble. h

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