Give them a reason to stare with Maheshwari Saree

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Give them a reason to stare with Maheshwari Saree

A stunning saree enhances a woman’s beauty. Sarees are the most elegant and cozy clothing, whether they are made of Banarasi, Cotton, Kota, or Maheshwari. Maheshwari sarees are just another type of saree, no matter how many different kinds there are. Madhya Pradesh is where the elegant design for Maheshwari sarees originated. 

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The first saree made in Maheshwar was created in the 18th century, during the reign of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore. It is thought that Queen Ahilyabai contacted artisans in Surat and Malwa to create unique 9-yard sarees for her royal visitors and family members. The pattern used to weave Maheshwari sarees is thought to have been designed by the queen herself. Originally worn by royal ladies at the time, these sarees later gained popularity. These sarees are now worn by ladies all over India and enjoy a sizable foreign market.

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Key Elements

  • These sarees are strikingly coloured and very light.
  • These sarees typically have a basic body with a lovely border and strips or flowers to add variety to the patterns.
  • Maheshwari sarees are distinctive for having reversible borders, allowing for wear from either side. Is this not a justification for purchasing Maheshwari silk cotton sarees?
  • Cotton is from South India, silk is from Bangalore, and wool is imported from Australia. These ingredients are utilized to make Maheshwari sarees.

Some facts

  • Design: Take a peek at the alluring design of these lovely Maheshwari silk sarees if you’re wondering whether to get one. The intricate design of the walls of the Maheshwar fort served as inspiration for the well-known Maheshwari saree. Even now, these patterns may be seen on the fort. You should come here to see the authentic Maheshwari saree pattern.
  • Patterns: Have you ever noticed the beautiful patterns on Maheswari sarees? Have you noticed a pattern like this in any other saree types? Of course not, as each pattern is unique and was adapted from wall patterns. A variety of patterns are available for exploration, including the Chatai (Mat) pattern, Chameli ka Phool (Chameli Flowers), East (Brick pattern), and Heera or Diamond pattern.
  • Colours: At first, dark hues like maroon, purple, black, and green were employed to create Maheshwari sarees. These sarees were created using vegetable dyes, which are organic colours. These sarees are now produced in light colours with borders made of golden and silver thread. Angoori (grape green), Gul Bakshi (magenta), Jaamla (purple), Dalimbi (deep pink), Aamarak (golden), etc., are the most common colours for Maheshwari sarees.
  • Materials: The original material for these sarees was pure silk. However, cotton or a cotton and silk blend was later utilized to make Maheshwari sarees; presently, wool is also being used.

Cleaning and maintenance

Many people struggle to properly care for their Maheshwari Sarees since they must be treated delicately, but we have the perfect procedures for you. The saree is difficult to keep.

Maheshwari sarees can initially be cleaned by sending them to a dry cleaner. You can eventually wash them at home using gentle detergents. Send them for drying without soaking or leaving them wet for an extended period.


Overall, these Maheshwari silk sarees are fantastic garments and should be in every woman’s wardrobe. You can choose to dress up or dress down this lovely multipurpose garment. Yes, the saree will need additional care, but isn’t it well worth it? Maheshwari sarees online are the best deals if you buy them from trusted apps and websites like Taneira.