Gain Control Over the Balance of Microorganisms Within Your Gut With Probiotic Powder

Juliet D'cruz

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Human interaction with microorganisms is unavoidable. Microorganisms are ubiquitous, and you can get exposed to them from virtually everything you do – from picking up your phone to grabbing something to eat. Some microorganisms can be beneficial to the proper balance and functioning of the body. However, maintaining the right balance of both beneficial and potentially is of key importance.

The disruption of balance could either result from:

  • Inadequate water intake.
  • Lack of a healthy diet.
  • Inadequate sleep.
  • Exposure to new strains of microorganisms may be beneficial or harmful.
  • Stress may also deplete the population of beneficial microbes.

All microorganisms form a community called microbiomes. Beneficial microbes help support the normal function of your body, especially your digestive system. Some of their contributions to your digestive health include:

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  • Supporting the production of some nutrients within your gut, like biotin and vitamin K.
  • Maintain the activity of different digestive enzymes involved in breaking down fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and polyphenols that are contained within your ingested food into the form that your body can utilize.
  • Support detoxification by supporting  the removal of toxins and wastes from your body through the normal passage of stool from your large intestine (colon).

Considering the great impact of these beneficial microbes on your digestive health, it’ll be a good decision for you to gain control of maintaining their population. They also support your body’s balanced and natural immunity. 

A simple way out of all the above occurrences is by making use of probiotic powder. Probiotics can help maintain the harmony within the microbiome by supporting the balance within your gut. Probiotic powder supplies a specified amount of beneficial bacteria, and with continuous usage, these bacteria reinforce each other’s action and elicit their beneficial effects.

Note: not all probiotic powders are equal. Therefore, ensure you get reliable doses of these bacteria by taking USANA Probiotic.

USANA Probiotic contains a well-established and guaranteed level of two of the well-studied probiotic strains – Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (BB-12) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG). USANA Probiotic contains these two bacteria in a 50/50 mixture.

Unlike other probiotic powders, USANA Probiotic is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free probiotic powder. It is mildly sweet because of its low sugar content, and it readily mixes with any food (cold) or beverages. Alternatively, you can use USANA Probiotic directly from its package. 

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Benefits of USANA Probiotic

  • Support Bowel Regularity:

Through the maintenance of digestive health, USANA Probiotic helps reduce the occurrence of digestive discomfort. It supports the easy elimination of digestive waste through the stool from the colon. It also supports the creation of an environment that’s ideal for digestion which helps keep your system running smoothly. 

  • Support Function of Various Organs:

The digestive system plays a huge role in the availability of energy at the cellular level. Food molecules are broken down within the gut into substances used up by the mitochondria to produce ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy currency of the body. Other organs utilize this energy to perform their specific functions. USANA Probiotic supports this function by contributing immensely to digestive health.

  • Maintain Immunity Within Your Gut:

Naturally, the digestive system forms a gut barrier as a protective mechanism. USANA Probiotic supports the supply of microbes that contribute to the maintenance of the gut barrier and help keep you healthy and happy. 

In conclusion, using probiotic powder to support your digestive health simply translates to you becoming more effective. This is because a digestive system that functions properly supports energy availability within the cell.