Five techniques to get more views on Instagram Stories

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Instagram Stories, which are only visible for 24 hours, is a very quick and effective format for spreading awareness of your company’s products or services on social media.

Instagram Stories has several advantages for your business because they not only help you achieve your brand awareness goal but also help you connect with your audience and foster loyalty.

We leave you with some pertinent data about the usage of this well-known, expanding network:

  • 1 billion active users each month.
  • Stories are used in more than 400 million accounts.
  • Every day, 95 million photographs are published.
  • More than a thousand remarks every second.
  • Over 4.2 billion likes every day.
  • Perhaps you believe that raising the number of views on your stories is a difficult task, so today we’ll discuss 5 strategies for making yourself more visible on this social media platform.
  1. The “Your Turn” sticker

The “your turn” sticker is one of the innovations that this platform offers us and has grown in popularity. Users are encouraged by this sticker’s dynamics to carry out their previous actions or post content that is similar to what they saw in the shared tale. 

For instance: Consider that you sell pet accessories as your line of business. In this example, the chain would involve shooting a selfie with your pet while wearing the “your turn” sticker. 

This would encourage both your current and potential fans to act in the same way. The viewer can view a more detailed breakdown of the number of participants in that chain by clicking on the profiles visible within the sticker. Since other viewers will be able to see who took part in this procedure, your tale will have a wider audience.

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  1. Add an Instagram hashtag.

It’s not about labeling for the sake of labeling. Finding the right hashtag to increase your reach is important because if you choose a popular hashtag, you could only be able to draw in bots, which is not what we want for your business.

The ideal situation would be to locate a relevant and active hashtag that is also not overly crowded with information. This will not only help you reach a larger audience, but it will also put you in close proximity to the target market.

  1. Add your location to a specific location.

This feature is ideal for your company if what you want is to increase local awareness of your brand. Instagram will increase user discovery of your content and, consequently, your business by displaying your location!

If you utilized the location sticker, your story or post will appear among those shared in that location when someone visits the “explore” section of their Instagram account.

If you operate a physical business, this will aid in bringing in more clients and boosting revenue. To minimize confusion, make sure to properly identify the city and nation where you reside.

4.- Mentions on Instagram

Mentioning folks who take part in your articles is another technique to expand their audience.

For instance, if a user creates a story that features your service or product, he may tag your company by adding “@” and your profile name. This lets his audience learn more about your company and gives you the option to publish the story on your Instagram page. 

Users of this site frequently engage in collaboration, therefore implementing it in your company wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

5.- You can spend in advertising guidelines if you want to take it a step further.

One method to increase the reach of your story is to promote it so that people who aren’t particularly fans of your brand may see it. This can assist you to obtain a few new followers while also increasing the exposure of the kind of content you want to publish about your good or service. 

You can select the kind of segmentation you wish to create for your shared content during this process. You will also always be the one to choose how much money to invest. You can get in touch with us by clicking the following button if you’d want further information on how to make these investment procedures more effective.