Excellent Reasons to Include Tree Planting for Employee Rewards 

Juliet D'cruz

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Excellent Reasons to Include Tree Planting for Employee Rewards 

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit” -Nelson Henderson. 

In this time and age wherein rapid modern development has cut down more trees than necessary, temperatures can rise pretty quickly. 

Today, many of us have already begun to feel the devastating effects of taking too much from mother nature. With climate change becoming an ever-pressing problem, we might see the full-scale ecological consequences if we do not proactively address our detrimental practices. Indeed, many have already started to feel the manifest impact of tree cutting firsthand. In addition, most of us can attest that the temperature is a tad warmer and the air a little less breathable. 

As a result, more and more conversations have been sparked regarding adopting more environmentally sustainable business practices. If you are a business owner, you ought to be having these conversations too. Such practices should not only aim to offset the carbon footprint generated by humans but also help more people develop a deeper understanding of the magnitude of environmental change. With so many activities related to tree planting in the Philippines, you may want to put a spin on it. To break the mold, you can have it form part of your CSR activities in the Philippines. Corporate tree planting encourages firms and individuals to be part of the initiative. More importantly, it is a unique gifting idea and has proven to be a successful employee engagement strategy that makes them feel personally involved in the process. 

Giving your employees tree planting 101 lessons or holding a campaign can be mentally enriching. Also, it is a long-term reward for both employers and employees. You may even consider planting trees as a reward in itself. After all, trees result in cleaner air, lower temperatures, lower chances of flooding, and a purer atmosphere. However, keep in mind that some employees may not be so receptive considering the lack of an immediate result. To address this, make room for rewards and employee engagement initiatives. 

In any case, below are a few good reasons why tree planting makes for ideal employee rewards: 

a.) Save money on unsustainable gifts 

Any employer would tell you that corporate gifting can be a tedious test, even on the best of days. For that reason, many employers delegate this task to a subordinate, which often results in generic and repetitive corporate gifts. Needless to say, these gifts are not always practical. They can also be unsustainable owing to their packaging and will likely end up in a landfill someday. However, the alternative is not any better, as personalization of corporate gifts can be rather expensive. That said, it makes sense to have a gifting tree adoption or plant a tree in an employee’s name. In this way, they can enrich the environment and have a better experience with the company. 

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b.) Fulfill CSR objectives 

To the uninitiated, corporate social responsibility keeps companies in check. In essence, it ensures that businesses stay accountable and responsible to themselves, the public, and their investors. A significant part of corporate social responsibility is to ensure that the company or firm operates in ways that are beneficial not only to its economic and organizational goals but to the environment as well. 

Corporate social responsibility goals may vary depending on the company. Still, every company must be conscious of their impact on all aspects of society. This includes economic, environmental, and social aspects. CSR aims to have a company fulfill its responsibilities to societies while ensuring that they do not practice any activities detrimental to the environment. Instead, they should be proactive in looking for ways to enhance it. 

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c.) Raise awareness about the company’s sustainable moves and practices 

Companies promote relevant issues among the general public audiences by pursuing sustainable causes publicly and lending tangible support to these same causes. In this way, they can bring awareness and attention not only to the present societal and environmental issues but also their positive involvement in such matters. They can also promote awareness of how tree planting can mitigate deforestation, the greenhouse effect, landslides, and climate change. 

As a result, companies that practice good CSR tend to have a better image and positive publicity. This may encourage rival companies or counterpart firms to take a stand, contributing to an overall positive environmental impact. 

d.) Reward employees uniquely 

Traditionally, cash and incentives are excellent rewards. However, more companies realize the importance of giving unique gifts as this would make companies seem more personally invested in their employees. It is also seen as a positive reinforcement which can result in better employee performance where goals can be met faster. Tree planting is a great unique reward because it makes the recipient feel that they are part of something bigger than the company itself. It also gives them the feeling that they are contributing to a better world.