Electric Bikes for All: 6 That Will Get You Noticed

Juliet D'cruz

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Electric Bikes for All: 6 That Will Get You Noticed

Electric bikes are a practical, healthy and affordable way to get around your neighborhood. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to basic black, however. An electric bike can be the ultimate casual style accessory. New bikes for 5ft woman come in bold colors and even fashionably color-blocked seats, wheels and frames. 

Have Fun ‘Pave n’ Trail 500W’

The Pave n’ Trail electric bike is flexible both in the terrain it can tackle and in its styling. The suspension system can handle faster and somewhat bumpier riding than the average electric bike.

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The bright banana cream color is eye-catching and classic at once, while the navy option has a flash of electric blue at the wheels to liven up its look. This electric bike also comes in a bright solid teal that’s perfect for contrasting with neon bags, baskets and other bike accessories. 

Electric Blue Bikes, Baby!

Many electric bikes come in a sky-blue shade almost as powerful as their motors. Bright blue isn’t just stylish, though. Eye-catching colors can be an important safety feature while riding at night. Be sure to add a reflective vest and bike lights when riding after dark. 

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New Mod Multicolor ‘EVRYjourney 500w’

The EVRYjourney 500w is more fashionable than ever with four new multicolor configurations for 2022. They include:

  • Camel Mauve, a mix of rose-toned neutrals
  • Gold Coral, a bold warm yellow paired with bright orange
  • Periwinkle Blue, with sweet white and lilac wheels
  • Jade Straw, a soft green with chocolate and cream accents

Stylish Electric Beach Cruisers

A beach cruiser electric bike has a retro style and is built for comfort and relaxation. Like the EVRYjourney, the Around the Block beach cruiser also comes in four new color combinations that are sure to stand out on the boardwalk. The lilac ginger option combines a pop of bright orange with a soft purple frame for an unexpected and elegant color scheme. 

Bold Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat tire bikes feature tires that are broader than a normal bike’s. This makes them resistant to punctures and gives more traction. They’re perfect for riding along the beach, on dirt or up hills. The tires also give a unique look and charm to the bike’s silhouette. The EVRYjourney fat tire bike comes in basic black or a brilliant electric blue. 

Refined Antique Style With Electric Power

An electric bike can still have an antique look that’s perfect with leather satchels and an old-school academic vibe. For this style, avoid bright colors and choose electric bikes in a warm neutral color scheme. The Cream Coffee coloring in the Around the Block 500W is perfect for this aesthetic. Whether you’re headed off to college or just like wearing plaid and tweed, an antique-styled electric bike can be the perfect finishing touch to your everyday look. 

Don’t sacrifice style when shopping for an electric bike. While an all-black frame can be a perfect canvas for the right accessories, new color combinations can make your womens electric bike a fashion statement all on its own.