Don’t Commit These Instagram Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Juliet D'cruz

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Do You Know: Instagram has ~2 billion users worldwide.

This gives you a clear picture of its potential and why big brands don’t miss out on using Instagram for their promotions/marketing. Nowadays, influencer marketing has come into the limelight, offering better exposure to businesses and products. Some businesses already know the right pathway for effective influencer marketing on the Instagram platform. However, many of you are still unaware of the right way to put your efforts, resulting in multiple marketing mistakes and unsatisfactory outcomes.

So, here are some Instagram Influencer Marketing mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

Running Without Goals: Yes! Instagram is an image & video sharing platform, but it matters; what’s your motive behind the business promotion. Running your Instagram influencer marketing campaigns without a precise goal is more like draining your investment. Whether you want to boost your visibility, sales, or traffic, it must be decided before you start working with an influencer marketer.

Following Wrong Compensation Model: Primarily, businesses follow two compensation models when working with influencer marketers. In the first one, businesses offer a share of the total outcome they earn from the influencer marketing campaign. The second option includes paying a fixed amount without bothering about the results. In the latter option, businesses pay a high amount compared to unsatisfactory results. Hence, you should opt for the 2nd option only if you are sure about the outcomes.

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Rely Only on Audience Base: Many businesses wrongly interpret that influencer marketers with a huge audience base can deliver incredible results. However, not all influencers with a large audience base are worth working with. You should always look for quality over quantity. Even with a large audience, you could get low CTR and vice-versa. So, you should put your efforts in finding influencers that match your niche and have the potential to deliver you quality content. 

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Put Heavy Restrictions on Content: Every influencer focuses on delivering unbiased content to their audience. It means, if they are presenting the benefits of a product, they are bound to mention its demerits as well. Only talking about the benefits will look like a paid promotion. So, if you are a business, you shouldn’t put heavy content restrictions.

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No Transparency in Marketing Campaign: Working together for Instagram marketing is a good practice to ensure 100% transparency between the two parties. Yet, many businesses share limited information with the influencers that cause issues afterward. Until you or the influencer negotiate correctly on common terms, it’s tough to run a successful Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Every marketing practice comes with some challenges, and so is with Instagram. You should be aware of Instagram Influencer marketing challenges that can affect your campaigns in the future.

With that said, you are ready to put your efforts and money in Instagram marketing, working with a legit and experienced influencer.