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Juliet D'cruz

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What is the best heater for infrared? I tried various infrared heaters and decided. I’ve been exploring and doing research. My goal is to choose a model that maximizes your investment.

I don’t want you to lose time and energy to buy heaters that will only last a couple of months or don’t supply the heat you need.

The Infrared heater costs a bit more than other heaters, but it’s worth it. In the long run, paying the price once will save you a lot more money. Instead of spending money on useless infrared heaters that don’t really work until you randomly find a model that will last, why not buy a durable one right away? With the Infrared Heater, you get a heater that will last you for many years (and that’s even guaranteed with a 3-year warranty).

Why I chose Infrared 

There was a story that totally convinced me about the Infrared heater.


Unlike many other heaters, this one comes with a built-in thermostat. You can simply set your desired temperature and let the heater do the work. It turns on and off to maintain and control the heat you want.

Also, it comes with a built-in timer, which automatically turns off the heater after a set time. The requirement for external timers is thereby eliminated. Also, you can safely use the heater at night, because you know it will turn off automatically.

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This Heater Has Been Battle-tested:

On a cold winter night with freezing temperatures, a father’s oil furnace ran out of heating oil. During the night the house lost all heat and early in the morning, the house got cold. When alone, that might not be a problem. Just order fresh fuel and wait for delivery (takes 1-2 days). But with a wife and two kids at home, you need to ensure that they stay warm.

Fortunately, you bought two infrared heaters earlier. Before his wife and his children woke up, he installed the heaters and turned them on. Two days later, when the fuel was delivered, his children knew nothing about the heating cut. The father was able to heat the ENTIRE 1200 square foot house with the two heaters for two days in a row. The temperature inside was warm and you couldn’t tell that there was a heat outage.

In my opinion, it is amazing that two simple infrared heaters can heat an entire house in the dead of winter. I would always choose the infrared heater because I know I can trust them to keep the temperature high. You can go a long way wrong with infrared heaters – I once bought a heater that couldn’t even heat a single room, even though its power usage meant it should be able to.



The quality is just okay. You will definitely get the most for your money with this heater. The control interface on the front does not seem to be made cheaply. The knobs feel good, which makes a good impression. Plus, you get a 3-YEAR warranty, which tells you that the manufacturer trusts their own product and knows it’s good. Which, in my opinion, is a very good sign.


Only a small part of the heater heats up: the metal grill that protects the heat source, where the heat exits. So that’s inevitable. Some people complain about it, but it doesn’t make sense. It’s like complaining that a frying pan is heating up. The other parts of the heater are completely safe to touch and do not get hot to the touch, making it very safe.

Unlike other heaters, this one doesn’t turn on right away when you plug it in. This is another safety feature that ensures that it does not accidentally turn on, for example when connected to a poorly set timer. Like other heating devices, you can get additional safety features, such as rollover protection and overheating protection.


This is a strong heater. But the heat it produces is warm and toasty and it feels good. It is not the type of dry heat that cheaper heaters produce. The Infrared Heater is quiet, but not super quiet. As a powerful heat source, it produces sounds. If you wish to wear it overnight, put it in the hallway rather than in your bedroom. As a result, you can hardly hear it.


The Infrared Heater is by far the best value for your money. For a reasonable price, you get many functions, heating power, and security features for your home. It is perfect for heating rooms without heat sources, for emergencies (as in the previous heating outage story), or in garages or cabins.

I’m always amazed at how much heat this heater can put out. If you want to keep your feet warm under a desk and are looking for an infrared heater that does just that, the Infrared Heater maybe just too much. 


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