Considering Storing Your Luggage in NYC? Here is What You Need to Know

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Are you taking a trip to NYC and considering storing your luggage there? If so, you definitely should. Luggage storage in NYC is convenient, affordable, and often makes your trip experience much more enjoyable. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about storing your luggage in NYC. 

What Luggage Storage Is

Many people do not even know that luggage storage in NYC is an option. Unfortunately for those people, they’re missing out on a luxury that can make their New York travel experience much easier. There are luggage storage facilities stashed all over the city that can make travel logistics seem like a breeze. 

Whether you have a few hours until check-in or several hours to kill before your plane takes off, luggage storage allows you to drop your bags off and enjoy more of your first or last day in the Big Apple. 

How Much it Costs 

Naturally, the next question would be, how much does it cost? For each bag, you pay a small fee of $4.75. This applies to any storage location and buys you 24 hours of storage. When you are ready to pick it up, simply come get your bags and continue on your journey. 

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The best part about the luggage storage facilities in New York is that there are locations stashed all over the city to ensure that no matter where you are you’ll be able to find a place to safely store your bags. Here is a list of a few popular locations you should know about. 

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station connects the city to its northeastern suburbs, as well as provides public transit throughout the city. Because of its centralized location and walkable proximity to some of New York’s most beloved attractions, this station is often a convenient place to store your bags while you enjoy the city. 

Times Square

Times Square is perhaps the most infamous intersection in all of America. If you haven’t been to it, you’ve probably seen it in a movie or TV show. Either way, there is no doubt that a trip to New York will take you here. Whether you need to store luggage or newly acquired shopping bags, you will be able to do so here. 

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Penn Station

Similar to Grand Central, Penn Station is full of rich history and plays a critical role in the public transportation of NYC. Here is where New Jersey is connected to Long Island and where most trains that come into New York from the south will unload.


For anyone visiting New York on a budget, Brooklyn is a great place to stay. With easy access to the rest of the city, you can drop your bags here and go explore wherever you please. 

Hudson Yards

Whether you are staying on the west side or just heading over there to visit iconic spots like The Vessel, Hudson Yards is a place where many people will find themselves. So naturally, there are luggage storage locations available to you here. 

Madison Square Garden

Perhaps the most famed arena and concert venue on the east coast, Madison Square Garden is no stranger to New York’s locals and visitors. Between here and Penn Station, you will be able to meet all of your midtown luggage storage needs. 


SoHo is the lively shopping district of southern NYC. Here you can find just about any store, food, dessert, or beverages you could possibly want. Oftentimes, people rack up so many shopping bags that it could feel impossible to bring them into a restaurant when dinner time comes around. If this happens to you, just drop your bags off in storage and enjoy your bag-free dinner.


While many people travel to New York via the train, most fly into Laguardia or JFK. Airports are the perfect place for luggage storage. Whether you have a long layover, delayed flight, or just want to free yourself of the burden of your bags, you can do so at these locations. 


Many museums in New York won’t allow you to bring bulky bags inside. So, whether it’s a backpack or shopping bag, you may need to store it in one of the locations near NYC’s most popular museums before you can get in. 

Many More 

These are just a few locations out of many that are conveniently placed all throughout the city. So if you get stuck with bags that you don’t want to carry, the odds are that there is a storage location near you that is ready to hold your luggage. 

Is it Secure?

The final question that most people have is, is it safe? The simple answer is yes! These storage facilities safely lock, come with insurance for your belongings, and contain a well-trained staff that is ready to serve you. 

The Takeaway

If you have considered using luggage storage in NYC, you should do it. It’s convenient, affordable, secure, and can make your trip to New York an easy and enjoyable experience. 

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