Best Flavored Cones and Blunt Wraps Alternatives 

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There is a better way to enjoy adding flavors to smoking cannabis, and thats with real terpenes released upon squeezing fitler tips by King Palm. Rolling joints and blunts in this day and age have never been easier. Whether buying wraps or purchasing pre-rolled cones the joy of sparking a doobie comes much more quickly than it used to. King Palm has a lot to offer in this area of wraps and pre-rolls, leading the industry with the newest techniques of providing delightful taste, freshness, more eco-friendly sustainable products, and achieving this all while offering health-conscious tobacco-free products. They continue to change the cannabis smoking experience with a superior alternative to flavored blunt wraps and rolling papers. 

Enjoy flavored cones for sale, which doesn’t ot require rolling. It is hard, especially for beginners, to master the techniques of rolling blunts and joints. With pre-rolled cones comes a great advantage for any marijuana smoker of any level. A pre-rolled cone allows for any person to simply pack the joint with finely ground weed and be able to smoke immediately after. No mess, no needing to re-roll, just quick and easy steps that are taken to get your best high. King Palm even offers the new experience of flavoring the blunt wraps and cones with terpene-infused flavor capsules! It is an easy, smart, eco-friendly, and health-conscious decision for those who smoke. 

Dangers of Traditional Blunt Wraps and Cones

Many people today have begun to realize the importance of being and staying healthy. More and more research has come out regarding the negative effects of nicotine and the harmful chemicals added in the making of traditional blunt wraps and papers. This is why turning to other choices, such as industry-leading, sustainable, and health-conscious King Palm is the only logical choice for most consumers. 

Furthermore, the dangers with conventional blunt wraps and cellulose-based flavored rolling papers is so much more than just nicotine contamination. In fact, these conventional and typical methods of using any old blunt wrap brand or cheap cellulose-based rolling papers for joints have been proven to contain high levels of dangerous toxins, pesticides, and chemicals. 

One well-known and detrimental toxin that has been found in blunt wraps and joint papers is lead. This heavy metal toxin causes irreparable damage, over the long term to the overall health of the body. Damage effects occur in the brain and kidney and can cause anemia and general malaise and weakness. Even more, effects can come from long-term and high exposure from the daily and continuous inhalation from traditional tobacco-leaf-based blunt wraps. These side effects from heavy metal contaminations can lead to damage to the central nervous system of the body, psychological disorders of the brain, and reproductive afflictions. With that, there is the addition of the added pesticides found in these types of wraps and papers. One such pesticide is Cypermethrin, which has negative health effects like kidney and liver damage, assisting in cell mutations leading to possible cancers, disruptions on the reproductive system and aiding in birth defects, and even more. This insecticide is even deadly to bees and other aquatic organisms. 

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The Healthy Alternative with King Palm Flavored Cones 

King Palm only offers the highest quality and sustainable blunt wraps and blunt cones. They have filter tips that release flavor upon squeezing!  Combined with an all-natural Cordia palm leaves is a slow burning and smooth smoking experience. These leaves grow on native trees in Southeast Asia, harvested, and packed, all by King Palm.  In fact, the blunt wraps, cones, papers, and even the filter tips are all 100% biodegradable and all-natural! There are no glues, dyes or other chemicals added to any of these products made by King Palm. The flavoring ingredients by King Palm are natural too, and come from essential oils. Every pre-rolled cone is individually handmade, after being hand-picked and cleaned with purified water. King Palm has revolutionized the industry, delivers only the best items, and has created a brand that is hard for others to keep up with. With pre-rolled cone choices like tasty Banana Cream and the dreamy Peach Tree, no other brand can rival such taste, handmade quality, and superiority. Once the smooth and rich flavors have been tried, nothing else will be the same again. 

Each blunt wrap is harvested from its tree by a King Palm farmer. From there the leaf is washed and cleaned and then packed for lasting and ultimate freshness. One of the most popular King Palm wraps is the Crown Cookies. A delightful and fun addition to any night of smoking with this tasty dessert flavor. Smoking can be such a blast with the aroma of a chocolate chip cookie and a tasty vanilla filter tip! These wraps are the cleanest smokeable leafs on the market and are considered to be the most evenly, smooth, and slowest burning. All King Palm cones, wraps and filters come sealed with a humidity control packet to offer guaranteed freshness.

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The 100% all natural and biodegradable corn husk filters are often described as heavenly. However, the true winner of the day goes to the Terpene-infused Magic Mint filter tips by King Palm. These are very popular and add a truly refreshing taste of mint to any joint or blunt. To activate these types of flavor infused tips is very simple. Just by giving a light squeeze to the filter tip and getting a little pop the flavor will begin. It takes throwing in a crutch to a whole new level.

A smooth and clean smoke is something King Palm is dedicated to. The customer service provided even goes above and beyond by offering the option to bulk purchase the flavor terpene capsules for those who create their own filters. The ability to choose multiple flavors and the amount received is left up to the shopper and how much they are looking to purchase! Everything done by King Palm comes with a quality guarantee of freshness, sustainability, and health consciousness in mind. Most of these items, as always, can qualify for free shipping. In even more good news for shoppers of the perfect pre-rolls, King Palm will not be affected by any shortages from supply chains. This is due to the company using such innovative and environmentally friendly leaves.