Best Eco- Friendly Housewarming Gift Ideas for The 2023

Berry Mathew

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Best Eco- Friendly Housewarming Gift Ideas for The 2023

There are a lot of housewarming gift ideas that you can offer to your host, and probably good ones that they can use in their new house. Although if you put some thought into it, your gift can be more engaging, and useful, and sparks joy in their hearts whenever they look at it. 

To give someone a moment of joy is indeed a heart-warming feeling, and if your housewarming gift basket does that, you’ve nailed the assignment. With this thought, we have compiled a list of beautiful gift items you can add to your heart-warming gift baskets that are eco-friendly and sustainable- 

  1. Diya set & candles – For a new house, let there be light always! Bless your host’s new house with beautiful lights of terracotta diya, soy candles, and more. Beautiful soy candles & Terracotta Diya are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also eco-friendly, and don’t release soot or carcinogens, thus don’t impact health. Brass diya looks beautiful and is made with pure brass and copper. Diyas made with sustainable materials last longer and grace the ambiance naturally. 
  2. Plantable Stationery – A lovable addition to the list of eco-friendly and sustainable living products, plantable stationery is both utilitarian and earth-loving. Plantable stationery includes organic journals with hemp paper, plantable pencils, plantable pens, and diaries with banana and cotton materials. 
  3. Ceramic Serveware – Another unique housewarming gift idea, ceramic serveware includes a fancy and elegant set of tea cups made with sustainable materials and accentuated with linings of gold. These ceramic mugs are made with the traditional handcrafted techniques of beating, hammering, and spinning. Ceramic bowls look classy and artisanal and add a certain grace to your dining. 
  4. Essential oils & Diya – Essential oils are the purest essences of flowers, derived to benefit the concerns of the user. Essential oils can be used in the diffuser with terracotta diya or brass diya when diluted with water, and it releases a sweet aroma in the room that not only freshens the environment but also helps release stress and calms the mind. 
  5. Glass teapot set & loose leaf – Classy choice for heart-warming gift baskets, glass teapot set are artisanal, and add joy to a tasteful cup of tea. It not only compliments and accentuates your evening tea experience, but it is heat resistant and the strainer with a sturdy lid. Complementing the glass teapot, loose leaf in different herbal flavours like hibiscus, rose, chamomile, mint, lemon etc. 
  6. Brass Utensils – Brass utensils are evergreen and make a beautiful gift for housewarming. You can gift bass cups made with pure brass or copper sheets with delicate and intricate designs done through the embossing technique. Brass has multiple benefits including immunity boosting, nutrition and balancing the chakras of the body

With these gifting ideas in your housewarming gift baskets, it will be a combination of unique, and environmentally friendly products that will not only grace the new house of your friends or family but will be treasured for years to come as well.