Benefits Of Using Weed Bubblers & How To Use Them

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Benefits Of Using Weed Bubblers & How To Use Them

Among the different methods of smoking cannabis, smokers usually prefer using the bubblers, as they offer them the portability of a pipe and the technology of a bong. They represent the best of both worlds, to be precise. If you’re new to those worlds, though, you won’t really know what makes them so special and how to use them.

Before you buy your percolator bongs, which are practically bubblers with often more types of percs responsible for aeration, you’ll want to know what the benefits of those bubblers really are. That’s the topic we’ll deal with today. And, naturally, once you understand what’s making these devices so special, you’ll want to proceed to learning how to use them – something I’ll be of help with as well.

Benefits Of Using Weed Bubblers

Once they first try them, weed bubblers become a cherished piece in every smoker’s collection of apparatuses. They dabble in both worlds, as explained before, and they represent the most amazing in-between variation of those more traditional glass-piece methods. Let’s break down their benefits below, and help you figure out if you want to add these pieces to your collection as well.

  • Filtration

Without a proper filtration system in place, you’d be inhaling various toxins, including ash and tar. If you’ve ever felt some heavy and sort of sour hits, as if you were inhaling, say, burnt wood, then you’ve either smoked without using a filtration system, or it wasn’t working properly. Through a bubbler, you’ll get much cleaner and smoother hits that will be easy on your throat.

  • Portability

Discretion is often one of the reasons why people get these apparatuses, and discretion is guaranteed due to their compact design and their portability. They are smaller in size, making them easy to store and to carry around. Thanks to their compact design, they can fit in any backpack or purse, meaning that traveling with your favorite smoking device will be as easy as it gets. So, you can get your healthy cannabis dose wherever you are.

Speaking of health, here are the benefits of this plant to be aware of: 

  • No Additional Accessories Necessary

When using, for example, a regular bong, you’ll have some removable parts to worry about. You could easily forget those somewhere, especially if traveling, which can put a damp on your entire experience. With a bubbler, however, such worries will be a thing of the past, because they don’t require any kinds of additional accessories, and they have no removable parts. At least, most of them don’t. Depends on where you buy.

  • Diverse Style Options

If you also want your smoking device to be stylish, apart from functional, you’ll love the bubblers. They come in various style options, and you’re sure to find something that fits in with you and your lifestyle. The endless selection of colors and designs will amaze you, and then you can also often choose between one mouthpiece and two mouthpiece bubbler devices.

How To Use Them

If you’ve seen how these are designed, then you already know they’re fairly easy to use. They consist of a mouthpiece (or two of those if that’s what you prefer), a bowl, a water chamber and a carb. I’ll still take you through the using process, though, so as to ensure you know how to maximize their efficiency and use them to the fullest. And, in case there are any new smokers among you readers, you could certainly use a lesson in how these should be used, even though it’s all pretty straightforward, as you’ll see now. Click this to get another lesson as well if you wind up needing it.

  • Add Water To The Chamber

The water chamber isn’t there just for show, as you might have assumed. It has to be filled with water, which will then be used as a filter, and which will prevent dehydration while smoking. You only need enough water to submerge the actual downstem. Cooler water allows for smoother hits. And, don’t forget to change it regularly, to avoid residue buildup in the chamber.

  • Use Distilled For Best Results

Adding distilled water will serve two purposes. It will smoothen out your hits even more, and it will serve to protect your device. Hard water can add an unpleasant taste to your hits by due to some residue, which will also make the device more difficult to clean. If you don’t have distilled, filtered water is also a great option. 

  • Pack The Bowl

After you’ve added the water, it will be time to pack the bowl with weed, after grinding it up. This is the part of the process that everyone knows how to do, even complete beginners. The success of it, and the efficiency, though, depend on how well you’ll perform the next step.

  • Cover The Carb, Light The Bowl And Draw Smoke Into The Chamber

This next step, naturally, consists of drawing the smoke into the chamber, and it needs to be done the right way. Covering the carb is a must, if your bubbler has one. When you do that, light the bowl and start drawing smoke into the actual chamber, at which point you’ll hear those bubbling sounds that are responsible for the very name of these devices. Everything you know about bubblers makes it clear that this is the crucial step in the preparation process, so do it slowly if you’re a beginner.

  • Remove Finger From The Carb And Inhale

Once you approach the intake limit, remove the finger from the carb and inhale your first hit. Do the same thing for the second one, the third one, and basically all the hits you’re planning on taking. This may seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually a simple process that will soon become an easy routine to follow whenever smoking. After you’re done using the device, make sure to clean it, and do that regularly, for the best results and the most enjoyable smoking sessions.