Benefits of Having Hobbies for Students

Juliet D'cruz

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Benefits of Having Hobbies for Students

People deny this factor but knowingly or unknowingly one person indulges in such activities more often which he or she enjoys in the time of leisure. These activities are called Hobbies. Hobbies can be anything like reading books, listening to music, playing any musical instrument, bird watching, safari, singing, cooking, dancing, painting, sports etc. Many people know what they need to do as a hobby and few people discover this as the time passes by. Some people randomly start something and later they make it as their hobby. For example, during the Covid-19 few people who were affluent enough and they were economically sound but they started helping those who were starving and also started online teaching to those students who had lost hope for further learning. With the help of online teaching, they saved the careers of many students and then made it their hobby to save the careers of such children and for this any online course builder can create online courses. To teach online they had to just make it their hobby and passion. Those who were teachers were already trained and who were freshers they also learned how to teach online. The simplest hobby to make money while learning and studying is teaching. Yes, it seems a little weird but it is simple because while in student life we have zeal to study to learn and to understand the topics in simple ways. Usually, teachers make us understand the topics in little complex ways and we as students find out the simplest ways to make it understood to anyone else. Hence if you are good at any subject and studying that subject is your hobby then start teaching that subject and earn money as much as you can teach. To make yourself available to maximum people you can take help from a classroom app. With the help of a classroom app, you can learn also and teach also.

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Everybody likes to write his or her views and see the reaction of readers. Some people write diaries and poems as their hobby then this hobby can also be paying you if you want. Being a student, one has a lot of thoughts so by setting up a simple website one can start blogging and expressing his views at his blog. Very soon you will get viewers and readers and soon you will gain advertisements which will pay good to you. Following this concept today any learned tutor can turn into an  online course builder and can create online courses and make it his/her hobby. . Having some interesting hobbies which keeps a child happy and smiling keeps the mental status of the child away from academic stress and the child remains mentally healthy and cheerful. Such as if the student or child has a hobby of playing flute in free time then in this hobby melodious tunes of flute lowers anxiety, depression and sad mood in a jiffy and brings energy back to student’s mood. Sometimes it can be said that more often some hobbies bring friends and their friendship too to the door and removes loneliness from life. Such as if a student develops his interest in video games, then in the virtual world of video games, he can get various types of friends and can enjoy that virtual world as much as he can without paying heed to any sad thought.

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Most of the time hobbies teach us a lot but we don’t pay too much attention such as if one has a hobby of cricket playing then he or she will definitely play with a team and being indulged with a team and individual learn how to work in a team spirit. People spend their life learning this team building skill he acquired just in his hobby. Sometimes just because of some tough habit due to hobbies one gets some awesome skill set like if one is habitual of maths as hobby and is obsessed with mathematical questions and his hobby is to solve such problems then in real life also, he will have the same habit of fighting with problems of life until he solves them. This makes a person a problem solver by hobby.