8 Travel Tips to Ensure a Smooth Journey on Indian Railways

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8 Travel Tips to Ensure a Smooth Journey on Indian Railways

Train rides, especially longer ones, are always fascinating. Relaxing in your window seat, you may take in the stunning countryside as the train travels thousands of kilometres along various routes. If you prefer long train rides, you should know a few necessary items to make the trip smooth and fun. Although trains may offer the best amenities, not all trains offer them, so it is best to be ready in advance.

Continue reading to find practical advice for making your train trip safe, enjoyable, and pleasant.

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8 Travel Ideas to Streamline Your Train Ride

A train ride is always viewed as the most pleasant and relaxing transportation. Travelling by train is prevalent in India because it can reach the country’s remotest regions. Here are nine ideas that can help you travel more safely and enjoyably by train:

  • Get Familiar with Various Travel Classes

You should be aware of the various travel classes offered by the Indian Railways before purchasing a train ticket. Coaches in Indian trains can be classified as air-conditioned or not. Look at the following fare classes offered by Indian Railways:

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First AC – It comprises the air-conditioned first class, which has a private cabin with two or four seats and lockable doors. It is appropriate for travellers looking for privacy.

Second AC – It features four air-conditioned two-tiered sleepers in an open cabin with a two-tiered birth on the side. It may be ideal for small parties travelling overnight.

Third AC – Like the second AC, it includes three-tiered berths in an open cabin that can fit six people and a two-tiered birth on the side. When you need to travel in a large group, you should consider this option.

EC – It stands for executive chair class, offered in trains like the Shatabdi Express that don’t require overnight travel and features reclining chairs. It has free food and beverages and is completely air-conditioned.

CC- Chair Class is perfect for short-day visits. It houses plush, air-conditioned reclining chair seats, similar to the EC.

SL- The Sleeper Class has tier-style beds and is not air-conditioned. It is preferred by most Indians and is a cost-effective train class.

When it comes to train reservations, you have a variety of fare classes to pick from. However, the first, second, and third air conditioners are considered the top long-distance travel choices.

  • Book Your Train Tickets in Advance 

If you intend to travel on Indian trains, you should reserve your seat in advance except for coaches like general/unreserved. You can buy your tickets at the physical reservation counter or by visiting the Railway’s website. Booking online train tickets is an efficient and hassle-free alternative. You’ll receive the issued ticket either as an e-ticket or Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) at your registered email id. You can check the ticket’s PNR status to know if the ticket is confirmed, waitlisted or in RAC. 

  • Take Note of Official Luggage Rules

The Indian Railways is undeniably one of the country’s most secure, convenient, and cost-effective modes of transportation. However, to have a trouble-free rail ride, travellers of all travel classes must be aware of specific luggage rules and limits set by the Railways. These rules specify what is and isn’t permitted as luggage on trains, baggage restrictions based on travel class, and excess baggage fees.

  • Order Your Train Meal in Advance

The RailMitra platform provides food-in-train service that enables you to book your meals for the train ride. You may easily purchase meals online through the RailMitra app and have them delivered to your railway compartment while you’re travelling. The methods listed below allow you to place an online order for food for your train trip.

  1. Enter your PNR information on the RailMitra website or mobile app to place an online train meal order.
  2. Pick the menu of your choice to have meals delivered to your berth without difficulty.
  3. Use your preferred method of payment. The Cash on Delivery (COD) option is another choice.
  4. Savour the ordered delicacy.

You can also get food on train from RailRestro, an e-catering company solely dedicated to delivering train food. 

  • Recharge Your Electronics During the Journey

Utilise the switches installed on the train for charging your electronic devices running out of battery while travelling. However, due to safety concerns, you are not permitted to charge phones, laptops, or other electrical devices between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

  • Bring Toiletries for Personal Use on the Train

Always carry your daily necessities, including your face wash, wet wipes, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. You should bring waterless goods like dry shampoo or a waterless body wash as you won’t be able to take a shower on the train. You’ll find them helpful as they’ll facilitate your regular hygiene.

  • Pack a Neck Pillow for Your Train Journey

Make sure you don’t sacrifice your sleep during a long train trip. You typically get a pillow and blankets for long travels, but you never know if it will be comfortable enough. Therefore, getting a travel pillow is the best option. You may not always receive the ideal, comfortable seat for your train ride. So, you can even bring your reading support cushion to use as a travel pillow.

  • Prepare Your Entertainment Options in Advance

It will be a lengthy journey, so bring something that will keep you engaged. If you don’t enjoy reading, bring a laptop or tablet with preloaded movies/shows/songs. Take engaging board games or card games if you are travelling with children.

One can explore India on a strict budget by travelling on trains. Travelling with your loved ones is also a delightful and relaxing way. In addition, various scenic train rides draw a large number of tourists. Use the advice above for your upcoming rail trip, and don’t forget to use train apps to enhance your travel experience.

When you want secure and hassle-free train travelling, count on RailMitra– online train tracking platform. It has real-time tracking and analysis capabilities to help you track information like PNR status, berth allocation, online food ordering and more.