8 Important Reasons Why You Need a Drug Crime Attorney

Juliet D'cruz

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There’s no denying that there is racial bias in our criminal system. This is doubly true when it comes to drug offenses or drug-related crimes. 

In short, you’ll want to have a drug crime attorney on your side if you’ve been charged with any form of drug-based crime. You’ll not only be facing potential jail time and fines but also a mortal wound to your reputation. 

There’s no need for you to face these kinds of charges alone. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the top eight reasons why you should hire a drug crime attorney as soon as possible. 

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  1. Drug Crime Attorney 101: Getting an Expert’s Opinion

The greatest reason to employ a drug crime lawyer is to teach you how to navigate the criminal court system. Even for individuals who work in the criminal justice system daily, the system may be daunting. Let’s start with the basics.

You’ll need the assistance of a drug crime lawyer to help you navigate the system and negotiate legal procedures in a manner that’s suitable for your situation. 

  1. Better Protection for Your Rights

In all cases, drug-related or not, the legal system grants defendants with specific rights. These rights ensure that the judicial system is fair and that people’s right to a defense is protected.

Even while you have constitutional civil rights, the legal system does not go to great lengths to ensure that you know them. The first and greatest move in protecting yourself is to get a competent criminal attorney. A drug crimes attorney will have a lot of experience with drug arrests and can tell you that many of them are the result of the following:

  • As a result of racial profiling
  • An overeager officer entering a home without a warrant
  • A traffic stop for an alleged traffic offense

Your lawyer will fight hard to ensure that the government does not violate your civil rights. Your lawyer may successfully keep drug evidence out of the government’s case by filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

  1. Make Use of the Existing Relationships With Local Prosecutors

Attorneys tend to form connections and rapport with their prosecuting colleagues as they work in criminal defense. It may significantly assist your case if your lawyer has a strong connection with the prosecution!

It implies that your drug crime lawyer will be in a better position to negotiate a better bargain or lower bail. Please don’t underestimate the value of having an attorney familiar with the local prosecutors and gets along well with them.

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  1. Prior Experience on Similar Cases

You’ll have to construct a criminal defense from the bottom up if you defend yourself. Even if you deal with an inexperienced lawyer, you may have to start from the beginning.

However, if you deal with an experienced drug lawyer, you may be certain that they have handled situations similar to yours, if not identical. They know which defenses work and may apply what they’ve learned in prior instances to yours.

  1. Having a Professional Fight for You

A competent lawyer will battle for your long-term and short-term interests. For example, your drug lawyer will know how to have your charges reduced, your fines reduced, or the charges entirely dropped owing to police mistakes.

A competent lawyer will work hard to keep crimes off your criminal record, allowing you to avoid long-term consequences in your job and personal life.

  1. Help You Save Money

Although it may seem paradoxical, your lawyer may be able to assist you in saving money in the long run. Yes, you will be required to pay a legal charge.

However, by keeping your charges as low as possible, your attorney will reduce the likelihood of you losing your employment or having your professional license revoked or suspended by the state. To put it another way, engaging with an expert attorney may help you minimize the financial consequences of your drug conviction.

  1. Protect You From Employer Discrimination

When charged with a drug offense, the legal procedure may take many months or even years. Although the procedure may not go as fast as on television, it is nonetheless a dramatic one. When confronted with these accusations, many individuals experience prejudice from their employment and negative treatment from the non-legal community.

Your attorney will go above and above to assist our clients in navigating any possible civil issues that may arise due to the drug accusation against them.

  1. Clarify Your Case and Potential Plea Deals

A good criminal defense lawyer will only take a plea bargain if they have no other option. Your lawyer will fight for your rights, and the case will be dropped if we can successfully keep evidence out due to the government breaching your rights. As a result, when the government’s case is jeopardized, the prosecution is forced to offer our clients the best possible plea bargain.

Some individuals choose to accept a plea bargain rather than risk the stress and cost for themselves or their families. Many defendants, however, are unaware of how accepting a plea bargain, no matter how appealing, may impact their future.

It may impact your independence, your capacity to make money and provide for your family, and your long-term financial position, depending on the terms of the agreement. It makes all the difference if you have an experienced attorney guiding you.

Ready to Hire a Drug Defense Lawyer?

The legalese and the shock of getting arrested can be truly overwhelming. Hopefully, our guide on the key eight benefits you’ll experience when you have a drug crime attorney on your side.

When in doubt, it’s always a great idea to have a professional lead the way. You should check out our blogs, all available in our legal section. And, if you feel like you need additional information, then we’ve got you covered.