5 ways you can money from garbage

Juliet D'cruz

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5 ways you can money from garbage

One person’s waste is another person’s profits! 

A lot of people don’t realize the power of recycling, and how profitable of business it is, many people will walk by recyclers covering their noses but little do they how much money they are making well that is if they own the business, and here is an another there is a huge demand for waste, did you know people can get arrested for stealing waste! And here is why that waste is worth alot of money… so why isn’t a lot of people doing it? 

The main reason is that alot of people are not educated about it enough and people think waste gets picked up and dumped in a landfill, but that is not the case well not for the majority of it, Alot of companies start this business, build them and sale them for a huge profit, they are called recycling business for sale and you can find them on marketplaces like bizroutes.com 

In this article I will list 5 recycling businesses you can start your self with little to no money, you will need a cargo van and maybe a few other items to help you get started…so let us dive in… 

5 recycling businesses to start in 2024 

  1. Junk removal: Junk removal business is a profitable business that helps in saving the planet. Junk removal services are in demand because they help people get rid of their old clutter and junk that they can’t seem to get rid of on their own. 

The main goal of a junk removal business is to make sure that people are not throwing away their old stuff and instead find a way to reuse or recycle it. The first step in starting a junk removal business is coming up with an idea. You should consider what kind of services you are going to offer and what is your unique selling point. For example, if you want to offer eco-friendly junk removal services, you may want to purchase a truck that runs on biodiesel or electric power.

There are many different types of junk removal businesses. Some people specialize in removing certain types of items such as hazardous materials, furniture, electronics, or yard debris. Others may choose to provide all-inclusive service for any type of item that needs to be removed from the property. 

What is needed: A cargo van and some heavy-duty gloves 

  1. Used cooking oil removal: A used cooking oil removal business is a great way to start your own business and help the environment at the same time. Not only do you get to make money from recycling cooking oil, but you also get to save the planet at the same time. 

The first step in starting a used cooking oil removal business is locating your desired location for the business. You want it to be close enough to restaurants so that you can collect their used cooking oil, but not so close that it will be hard for customers to find. The next step is finding a supplier of used cooking oil and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. You will also need some type of vehicle or van for collecting and transporting the used cooking oil as well as a place where you can store it until it’s collected. 

What is needed: A cargo van and a trash pump and about 100 feet of hoses 

  1. Used tire removal: The idea of an eco-friendly tire removal business is more than just a trend. It is a way to save the planet by reducing the number of used tires that are thrown away and end up in landfills. Recycling tires is a very good way of saving the planet. It is also a very profitable business opportunity that many people are not aware of. 

Some people don’t know what they can do with their old tires. They just leave them in their garage or backyard and let them rot. However, recycling used tires is a very lucrative business opportunity. 

What is needed: A box truck 

  1. Used Cardboard collection: There are many ways in which you can make money with used cardboard. One of the most common ways is by recycling it, which means that you

will be able to get rid of all the waste that you have accumulated in your home and earn some money from it too! 

You can also find a business that will buy your used boxes and then sell them for a higher price if they are in good condition. 

What is needed: A box truck 

  1. Glass recycling: It’s not easy to make money with used glass, but the benefits are worth it. 

Reasons why you should reuse glass: 

-Glass is a renewable resource that can be recycled infinitely 

-It’s cheaper than buying new glass 

-It helps save the planet by reducing the amount of energy and water needed for production 

Conclusion: The benefits of starting a recycling business are many. From saving the planet to generating revenue, it is a great way to make a living. Recycling is not just about saving the planet, it’s also about saving money. You can save up to $1 million in energy costs, and you can save up to $10 million in transportation costs by recycling. Recycling also helps your business generate revenue from selling scrap metal and other recyclables like plastic or glass.