Examining The Definition and Examples of Bounded Ethicality

Bounded ethicality is a subgroup of ethics. It refers to the general idea that varying external and internal factors limit a person’s ability to make ethical decisions.  Internal factors comprise unconscious or conscious biases, while external factors comprise a person’s tendencies to make decisions for acceptance from those around us. From the definition of ethicality, […]

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Self-presentation at a job interview

Despite the fact that the word “self-presentation” sounds like something very complex and important, in fact it is a common acquaintance. When anyone meets a new person, usually both you and they make the same self-presentation, only in the case of work, it is focused on questions about any of your capabilities and skills related […]

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As per law, it is a process to terminate the marriage process. As per law, it is a consensus between two parties to back out the marriage obligations and the domestic duties. A marriage contract is terminated and after that, both parties are free to get married again or to stay alone. It is also […]

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